Poem #3: Heart shattered.

And I’ve been trying the same
Week after week, every weekend.
Will I ever have luck?
Don’t think so, mate.

And then one night, I’m in for a shock:
She’s kissing another guy, horror!
Demons take over me, churning my guts
Inside out. So unfair, leave her out!

Me, being such a good mug
Walk with her back home.
I wouldn’t leave her alone, would you?

The silence between us was so loud
That when she is safe and sound
In my head I do nothing but shout!

Rage, tears, kicked that box.
Barely moving, full of sorrow.
-“Enough is enough” I said to myself
-“As far as I’m concerned… GO TO HELL!!”

I’d never felt a broken heart
So messing around
No more!

Again, Fate laughed at me:
There I was at night,
Again with the girl.

Full of hope,
Such a fool.
Once more, I’ll lose.