Chapter THREE

And tomorrow finally comes! After last night walk home, my feet are swollen but my spirits are as high as always! Today is Saturday and I will see Nola again! Now then, the plans might be different from the last few nights. There is this group playing tonight at the Olympic Stadium and she absolutely loves them. Camela they’re called, a bit of a fusion between pop/rock/flamenco and they are adored by the gypsies and, according to dad, by all the truck drivers, for some strange reason.

So, I need to draft a plan, the definitive attack plan to finally succeed on my, so far, hapless quest to conquest this girl that keeps running away from my love. In short, I need the help from a friend, Miguel, who will take his girlfriend (our classroom’s own hottie) to the concert so I can go with Nola and play happy couples! Brilliant!

Just before lunchtime I phone Miguel’s house and explain my cunning plan to him and, being the great friend that he is, he accepts! So we already set a time to meet before the concert and everything will run smooth as silk.

I immediately ring Nola and ask her if she would like to come with us to the concert. She would love it but, poor thing, she couldn’t afford the ticket. No worries, I said, your armed chevalier is ready to rescue you (I thought). – “I have a couple of tickets perchance and was wondering if you could come with me” – I said not without developing a flash cold sweat and shaky voice. -”Great! What time do we meet?”

Wonderful! Everything is running to perfection. I just omitted to mention that another couple of friends of mine would turn up to the event. “I don’t think she’ll mind”– I said to myself- “after all, she’s coming for free!”.

I spend the whole afternoon fretting about in my bedroom going a million times over my plan in my head. It cannot fail. It won’t fail! So, after getting ready, and just before I leave home, a phone call: it’s Miguel. Bad news. After all, he won’t be able to come with us. Apparently Rocio, his girlfriend, does not like Camela, she actually thinks that they’re quite of poor taste and, that if he wants to go with her and see them, he is not worthy of her! Poor Miguel is crying his eyes out, she also told him she cannot see any future for him! Not just with him, but for him! How cruel is that? And more importantly, how dare she ruin my plans to go out with Nola?

Anyway, I go ahead with the plan. Nola will succumb to my charm tonight. It’s a fool-proof plan. When the concert gets going and the lights are dim I will get closer to her and kiss her! Then visions of Nola and I kissing passionately and dancing to the music appear before my eyes and I squeal with excitement.

So, finally, I hit the road and start the long walk to the Stadium. Nola won’t be late.