Chapter FOUR

So there she is, gorgeous as ever, wearing black jeans and a white top and her long hair over her shoulders. Looking at her, her figure cutting the horizon with the sun setting down, I can only hope for the best. –“you look gorgeous my darling”- I think to myself, but the only thing I can muster is –“Hiya, you ok? Shall we go in then?”- So clumsy!

The Olympic Stadium is massive inside, and I can’t believe how many people are attending this concert, there must be at least a couple of million people! That is actually a good thing for my plan, so I grab Nola’s hand so we won’t get lost, but then immediately she gently releases it from my soft grip. I feel a stab in my heart, but no worries, the night is long and I’ll succeed!

Once the gig starts, the people go wild, singing all their songs and so does Nola. I haven’t got a clue of them as they are not my favourite group in the world, to be honest. But the best thing is to follow suit and there I am shouting alongside all these people at the top of my voice. I think Nola finds that funny as I can tell by her smiling at me. Good!

So I’m getting ready to put into practice the second part of my plan and start stretching my arms, ready to go over her shoulders. However, at that precise moment, she starts shouting wildly and running towards another group of people. Some friends of her I could guess. Fantastic.

In the mayhem of the concert and the way that she left me, I manage to lose her or, maybe, I got lost, as plenty of people from behind are pushing forward so at one point I just don’t know where she is or, in fact, where I am. It’s useless to shout her name so I move around trying to find her but there is no luck whatsoever.

Tired and slightly annoyed, I walk to the exit, facing the ungrateful task of walking home alone. However, I had some money prepared to splash out on a taxi ride back home so I could take her like a princess so there I am, heading towards the taxi rank and as I am reaching for my wallet on my pocket I realise that it’s missing! Oh good grief! I cannot believe it! Some idiot has pinched my wallet! Why me God? Why oh why?

I couldn’t have imagined such an end to a night that, otherwise, should have been the greatest success ever on my empty love life. No girl, no wallet, no money and no taxi. Success. And, of course, a long walk home.
After some damning and thinking, I decide to sit down close to the exit and wait for Nola, after all, I don’t think it will be too difficult to see her as she is the only one that can shine so much. So there I am, a couple of hours later, staring at every single person that leaves the Stadium. After what seems like an eternity, the last person leaves and there is no sign of Nola or any of her friends. How strange, I think.

Unfazed, I walk towards the door and suddenly this huge security guard stops me, so I ask him if everybody has left already, which he confirms. Also, he tells me that there was another exit door right opposite to this one. Great, she probably left through the other door and I’ve been standing here for hours wasting my time. What a weekend.

Finally, defeated, I can only resume my sad and lonely walk home through dark and narrow streets. But nothing is darker right now than my mood. I’m starting to wonder whether I’m jinxed or just smashing against a wall I cannot avoid. I take a determination, which is to take a back seat and use a different approach towards my ultimate goal which is, of course, become Nola’s boyfriend.