Chapter TWO

We don’t do much during the week as the classes start in a couple of weeks’ time, so we try and kill the time going to the swimming pool during the day and laze about in the evening, wasting our time talking nonsense. Although, of course, and secretly, I’m thinking of Nola, the girl with the mysterious halo about her that I met the other day.

So Friday finally comes and as usual we are talking more nonsense on the old PVC chairs by the pool. Maria didn’t want to come and I still wonder why, for some reason I haven’t seen her face the whole week, but that doesn’t seem to bother me as I am building my expectations up with this goddess that’s about to turn up.

There she is! There she is! I shout in my head when I see her turning around from the corner, and then my heart starts racing, my face turns so red that’s unreal and a thousand words seem to come together at the same time in my head. *Sigh* I don’t know if I will ever be brave enough to ask her out. I really should change the approach: I will ask Carolina about Nola. Decided, that’s what I’ll do. Yep, there she is, as loud as ever. Will she ever shut up? Ok, here I come.
-“Caro, I need to talk to you”- I ask her with a whisper. – “YOU WHAT?”-She half-shouts. And with that I nearly faint. So I repeat the question, legs shaking and bright red face: “I need to talk to you but please don’t shout” – “Ok matey, what’s up? And why on Earth is your face so red?” – “Never mind my face. You know Nola right? I….well…I *gulp*…kind of like her” –“Really? Oh you poor little devil! You don’t stand a chance! She’s hard to catch!”

Great. That’s all I needed to know. There’s this gorgeous girl that I really like and apparently I don’t stand a chance! We’ll see about that! Ha! And with that I go to Nola and start talking to her. I don’t even remember what we were talking about the whole evening due to me staring at her all the time, her face, her hair, her legs, her hands… she probably thinks that I’m some sort of psycho or a freak…
So by the end of the evening I ask her if she would mind being accompanied by me as it’s too dark to walk alone on the streets and especially where she lives, and it wouldn’t be wise to leave the love of my life by herself in case any big bad man assaults her. Although I’m only little, so I don’t really know what would I do if that situation propped up.

Anyway, there we are, walking together that mile and a half through dark and forgotten streets. Thankfully, it’s too late and there’s nobody out. Just us. The two of us. My chance. My original plan is to ask her out when we get to her front door. And that will be an offer she won’t be able to refuse. So, for the last half a mile I’m psyching myself up, getting ready to that big moment, thinking quite carefully what to say.

However, apparently my tongue it’s an organ independent from my body because it doesn’t seem to work when I need it to! So I just manage to say goodbye to her and that’s it. And now I have about four miles to walk home. Gutted. Maybe tomorrow I will be luckier.


Poem #1: The very first time I saw you.

First time I saw you
My face lit up,
I shoved Mary about
And I looked you up and down.

Thin lips, nice smile,
Abundant pearls,
Shiny green eyes.

Mary wasn’t happy
I couldn’t care less,
She gave me the finger
And ne’er saw ‘er again.

Chastised. Petrified.
Teenage love
Knocked me out.

Chapter ONE

The summer’s reaching its end. Although the city is a very hot place at night the temperature drops and where we are is right next to a river: The River Guadalquivir (or Wadi al-Kivir as it was known by the moors some 500+ years ago). There are mosquitoes buzzing around, fixated with the light bulbs that are still working. Crickets fill the air with their usual racket and, if you stop to listen and are brave enough you will notice some little snakes coming from the river bank to the grass and possibly into the swimming pool.

We are sitting in some PVC chairs chatting without a care, if I remember well I am the only boy of the group, how lucky! Sitting next to me is Maria, a nice girl, not especially pretty but nice enough (in fact I wouldn’t feel embarrassed if I ever was to be seen walking hand-in-hand with her). We are sharing that especial moment that is when you start touching her hand and she doesn’t back off. I’m enjoying, relishing, the moment in silence as she does too. The others don’t seem to notice our magic moment and for that I’m so grateful because, just imagine if any other girl of the group realises? I wouldn’t stand a chance with her! I need to keep all my chances open.

And then, all the peace and quiet go away: it’s Carolina and… Who is that other, new, girl? I haven’t seen her before. Plenty of questions start to fill my head but I cannot concentrate on them as Carolina is behaving as her usual self: loud, bossy, she is definitely more mature and experienced than the rest of us. She dress and behaves like one of those hippies, wearing these long skirts, black boots (and it’s SO hot!!), sweaters, pullovers or whatever you call them, you get my drift. Although we don’t have anything in common, she is a very good friend of mine, acting like an older sister, the older sister that I never had. I have two younger sisters, in fact, I think I can hear the younger one roaring on the background, bossing her friends around!

Then Carolina introduces us to this mysterious new girl: Nola she’s called and she goes to the hi-school close to where we’re standing. Nola looks thin, brown hair and fair skin. And when she smiles you can see her perfect, white teeth, all of them right in place. Something must have been in the air, because all of a sudden I feel like talking with her, being all over her and, somehow, I feel like spending the rest of my life with her.

And then, when I thought that I was thinking of doing it, I realised that in fact, I was doing it! So I had stopped holding Maria’s hand and went directly to Nola and started talking to her. About fifteen minutes later I noticed that I’d left Maria alone and looked at her and I saw her eyes full of fire, she gave me the finger (literally) and walked out and I don’t know why? All I was doing was talk to this new girl and then off she goes!

I feel smitten by this new girl, by the time I have to walk back home (about forty minutes going through a maze of narrow streets), all I can think of is Nola, N-O-L-A, how good she looked, her gorgeous smile and shy eyes. So I walk slowly, imagining ourselves in a better place where we could be together forever. With those thoughts I go to bed wishing and begging God that she comes back the next weekend so I can see her again and, maybe, ask her out.