Chapter FIVE

Time goes so slow when you are having a bad time, as people say. How right they are! Here I am, laying on my bed, unable to sleep. It is so hot, I’m still sweating since I came back from that disastrous concert, and I can’t open the window in case that damned bat gets in. This bat has been trying for months to get into my bedroom, not my parents’ or sisters’, just mine. I can hear it screeching and scratching the window. Mum says that it’s nesting under my windowsill and that I can’t touch it because it is a protected species, so I won’t be able to use a snake to eat that bat. Although I don’t know where I could get a snake from and most probably I would faint if I saw one!

Anyway, it’s too hot and it’s running in my head over and over again what has happened tonight, trying to figure out a reason, a why, a how, for my disastrous night. And I can’t find one. Not a single one. Everything was planned to perfection, but how could I know that she was going to go mental when she saw her friends? Or that some idiot would take my wallet?

With those thoughts still going around in my head, I fall asleep. A sweaty, miserable night of hell-bent-to-get-in bat screeches and self pity, finally reaches its end and it is a new day! Sunday, a day to enjoy with your family and laze about. Not so much. We are going back to Hi-School on Monday and, as it is my final year before going back to Uni, Mum thinks that I need to be ready for whatever is thrown at me, to get the best results and obtain a good place in whatever I choose to study. And, to be honest, going to Uni right now doesn’t appeal to me for two reasons: a) I don’t know what I want to become and, b) there is only one thought in my mind at the moment: Nola.

So, despite my protests, Mum makes me sort everything out: books, rucksack, timetables, clothes etc. Anyway, I will see my friends back again after a long summer being apart, so we can chat and talk about girls etc. Or, in my case, probably, be teased by the girls at our level. They’re OK, most of them are actually my best friends but they can’t resist teasing me since that unfortunate incident I had about three years ago when I asked Raquel out for Valentine’s Day. Initially I didn’t want to do anything at all because of my shyness but, in the end, after being bullied by my so-called friends, I gave in and bought her a clip-on brooch for her hair with all my savings. Then I was misled by my mates to give it to her at lunchtime, just when everybody are out to go back home and have some food. The magic of the moment took over me and I, red-faced, gave my present to her, wishing her a Happy Valentine. Obviously what happened next it’s not too difficult to guess: she ran away crying completely embarrassed and everybody else but me was laughing out loud. I just didn’t get it.

Thankfully that was then and now I’m more mature and street-wise than those years ago, when I was just a little boy. And now I’m being faced with this mammoth task of conquering this girl that has won my heart hands down. And it won’t be easy. But, if you cannot do it yourself, do it with a little help from your friends.

And that is precisely what the next attempt will be: my friends are going to help me, but it will be hard and we will need some resources.


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